Online Business English Training

I offer both individual sessions and corporate training workshops for businesses online. I can provide training in a specific business topic or general business English.
Online English Training Sessions
Britta Amber Santoro
Business English Trainer

General Business English

These are a few general business topics my sessions deal with. I also always try to combine these with important grammar topics. 

  • Business Vocabulary
  • Introducing Yourself & the Company
  • Small Talk & Networking
  • Job Interviews 
  • Cover Letter, CV, Letter of Motivation
  • Business Presentations
  • Telephone Calls and Video Chat
  • Writing Emails, Letters, Reports, Minutes of Meeting
  • Meetings, Presentations & Negotiations
  • Common Business English Mistakes
  • Intercultural Business Communication

Specialized Business English

I can provide specialized business English in my corporate English training workshops. I have trained professionals in many different industries and departments.  

  • General Management
  • Human Resources & Recruitment
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Real Estate, Property Management & Construction
  • Change Management
  • Product Management
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Corporate Training 
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Trade & Export
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • IT Development & Design
  • Academia & Education

Your Personal English Trainer

I believe anyone can learn to speak a language well – they just have to be corrected properly and practice, practice, practice. 

– Britta Amber 


My mission is to explain English in a way that you can understand, remember and use it yourself. I individualize my one-on-one sessions to target your specific needs and weaknesses, while keeping the atmosphere light and fun. Let me help you prioritize what you learn in an efficient way and assist you in correcting your English accurately. 


Global Service Manager

Britta Amber is the best English trainer I have ever had. She is very smart and always adapts the sessions to your personal language deficiencies. She is very flexible and reliable which is very important as an employed person. In general, Britta has a nice personality and takes the teaching assignment very seriously. At the same time, she gives you the feeling that you are learning a foreign language taught by a good friend.
Online English Training Lessons
Frank F.
Global Service Manager, Konecranes​

HR Consultant

Britta Amber’s English training is full of variety, humorous, individual and goal-oriented. She is very motivated and tries to put my wishes for the session into practice. Britta is very well-prepared and organized for every session. I highly recommend her because of her likeable personality, individual training and professionalism. I am really looking forward to our next sessions. 
Online English Training Lessons
Emily G.
HR Consultant, Retail Company

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