This is what my trainees think about their sessions.*

A good friend of mine recommended Britta Amber to me. She is an asset on the professional as well as on the personal level. The sessions are very well-prepared, varied and tailored to you individually. Depending on your needs or weaknesses, Britta Amber can put together a targeted program so that you can clearly see the results after a short period of time. I greatly appreciate her flexibility when scheduling the sessions because it is not always easy to coordinate my long working hours in my job as well as with my new role as a father in the family with English sessions. While actively applying for a new job, Britta Amber prepared me very well for an English job interview, even in the second and third round of the interview process. She took her task seriously and she actively supported me with her targeted role plays in job interviews. Her likeable personality allows us to discuss a variety of topics so that the learning process is effective, yet fun. All in all Britta Amber‘s private English sessions on Skype has a real added value!
Online English Training Lessons
Mario A.
Account Manager, Transcend
Britta Amber was recommended to me by one of her trainees. I have had my sessions with her since July 2018. We made a plan to improve my grammar by repeating it. The plan has been changed in the meantime according to my needs. I appreciate Britta Amber’s flexibility which allowed us to reschedule some grammar topics due to my other ad hoc requests. I know I can always interrupt her and ask questions when something is unclear or when I am reminded of another question I always wanted to ask, although it may not be related to the currently discussed topic. Britta Amber then judges if this is a quick answer or requires a longer explanation. If it is quick, she replies and comes back to previous subject and if it is longer she writes it down and we go through it during the next session. This way we solve many little language issues that were difficult to categorize. Britta Amber quickly adapted her methods to my way of learning and for me it works perfectly. Therefore, I am grateful that she has a lot of patience. I also like that the sessions are never boring. We have many different discussions - sometimes serious, sometimes just funny. Furthermore, many times I have questions related to my area of work in finance. Britta Amber helps me express myself clearly in written texts for my team. Additionally, she assisted me with a job application and supported me in the preparation process. The interview was a success. The sessions with Britta Amber really help me with sorting out many little unclarities and doubts that I have had with the English language. I now feel more confident while having a conversation in English. By the way she is pretty cool. 🙂
Online English Training Lessons
Katarzyna I.
Analyst, European Central Bank
The English training with Britta Amber is prepared in a didactically appealing way, is well organized, varied and intriguing. Britta Amber not only has ample expertise but can also explain the relevant learning content to you very well. I gladly recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their Business English.
Online English Training Lessons
Diana P.
Product Manager
The one-on-one lessons with Britta Amber quickly helped me to overcome my fear of speaking English. She is always perfectly prepared and always has a personal, thematic idea ready for the session. Together we look at the texts and tasks on the screen. The combination of tenses, sentence structure, reading and talking freely is coordinated optimally. I really have fun during the training – especially on Skype. This is because all of this is possible on my couch! Britta Amber is very professional and friendly so we can talk about many topics. I can offer only the highest recommendation for her!
Online English Training Lessons
Anna S.
Head of Agency Sales, Perform Group
Britta Amber is very flexible with my busy schedule. She adapts to what I need to practice whether it is a general conversation about topics of my interest or business-related English. Recently, my company acquired another company and my business activities shifted from being responsible for Russian speaking countries to worldwide responsiblities. Therefore, Britta Amber was willing to spontaneously change the focus of the sessions to topics such as negotiations, trade, export, manufacturing and general business. I enjoy the sessions with Britta Amber as she is a friendly, competent person who is easy to work with.
Online English Training Lessons
Askar R.
Sales Director Manufacturer, Raw Material Industry
Britta Amber is the best English trainer I have ever had. She is very smart and always adapts the sessions to your personal language deficiencies. She is very flexible and reliable which is very important if you would like to have English sessions as an employed person. I very much like to use Skype as a learning tool. You don't waste time and you can minimize the sessions to the training time. Learning English with Britta Amber is a kind of unique, fun and effective way to learn English. You not only learn the grammar, but also the useful slang and rules for everyday life in her sessions. In general, Britta Amber has a nice personality and takes the teaching assignment very seriously. At the same time, she gives you the feeling that you are learning a foreign language taught by a good friend.​
Online English Training Lessons
Frank F.
Global Service Manager, Konecranes​
The possibility to have English sessions when and wherever is a perfect fit for my way of life.
Online English Training Lessons
Kevin M.
Software Developer
I have been having private English sessions with Britta Amber in order to improve my English skills for my profession. Britta Amber adapts her English training to my needs in terms of time and content optimally. Her high degree of flexibility allows me to integrate the training into my private and professional everyday life. Britta Amber’s English training is full of variety, humorous, individual and goal-oriented. She is very motivated and tries to put my wishes for the session into practice. Britta Amber is very well-prepared and organized for every session. Thanks to the notes that she takes during the session, all wishes and incentives are taken into consideration for the future sessions. The training program is comprised of texts, role plays, audio files and much more. It is a lot of fun to learn the English content in a playful way. Thanks to the training with Britta Amber, my English has improved considerably in a short amount of time. Currently we are striving towards the C1 English language level. I highly recommend her because of her likeable personality, individual training and professionalism. I am really looking forward to our next sessions.
Online English Training Lessons
Emily G.
HR Consultant, Retail Company
Britta Amber is a very professional and friendly person. I enjoy the sessions and can practice English in everyday life situations with her. We talk a lot of business English (used at work) and everyday language (used for small talk or during private meetings with friends). That helps a lot when you are in that specific situation. A very good thing is that you can discuss your every doubt with Britta Amber and she answers your questions until you are sure that you understand. She is patient and cheerful. Britta Amber is flexible with the time. Also, the meetings via Skype are a very good idea, because you can enjoy the session in a relaxed way in your flat while drinking tea or coffee. For me the sessions with Britta Amber are like meetings with a friend and it is not like a teacher - student relationship. I can truly recommend Britta Amber as an English trainer.
Online English Training Lessons
Jakub N.
Internal Sales, Paperboard Mills Company
While looking to improve my very rusty English, a former colleague recommended Britta Amber. I am very happy to have become acquainted with her. Now I feel much more confident when I have conversations and send business emails in English. She tries to target my weaknesses and corrects every little mistake accurately which is helpful for my learning progress. Each session is always structured differently so I am never bored in the sessions. Another plus is her flexibility when planning the times for the sessions. I gladly recommend her.
Online English Training Lessons
Melih T.
Sales Manager, Digital Media Company
I just love the flexibility. Not only can I choose the time to have the lessons, I can also pick the topics we talk about.
Online English Training Lessons
Julia B.
Core HR Specialist, Transnational Consumer Goods Company
Britta Amber is an experienced and competent English trainer who trains in a very entertaining way. I really enjoy our sessions and highly recommend Britta Amber to anyone who wants to improve her/his English.
Online English Training Lessons
Sofia K.
PR and Blogger Relations Manager, cosnova GmbH
I was very lucky to find Britta Amber because I had a very specific topic. Everything was specifically customized and prepared for me so I received the proper support that I needed. The sessions really helped me a lot with my grammar as well as pronunciation. They were also set at the right level. Britta Amber is very friendly and learning and practicing with her is stress-free. I highly recommend her!
Online English Training Lessons
Melanie D.

*My clients‘ references are anonymous in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Names and pictures have been changed for their protection.

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